Best Eid and Ramadan Gift

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Best Eid & Ramadan Gift

The month of Ramadan is the month of worship for Allah (سبحان و تعالى). Every Muslim must fast and pray salah in this month. If you  gift  your Muslim brothers or sisters in this month then you can be rewarded on the Judgement day. Just think about the happiness of Allah (سبحان و تعالى).

Ramadan Kareem (رمضان كريم) Poster in Arabic
 Ramadan Kareem | رمضان كريم

After the end of  fasting month Ramadan the expected the day Eid will come. Eid is the day of sharing your happiness with other Muslims. You can gift anything for your family or any other  Muslim or Muslimah and  share happiness. Especially your Husband / Wife or your cute children . They must wait for your surprises . We give you  some Shopping idea for Ramadan and Eid shopping.

wishing everyone eid
Eid Mubarak | عيد مبارك

For Ramadan Gift Ideas:

Islamic Shape Cookie Cutter:

Cookie Cutter in Islamic Shape
Cookie Cutter

A Cookie Cutter is essential  elements for Ramadan. If the cookie cutter has an Islamic shape then it will be grateful. Cookie cutter is made of stainless steel with ironic shapes. The basic necessity of cookie cutter for any baker’s collection with creative designs using different sprinkles and toppings. Some design shape is a crescent, star, Masjid (Mosque) and minaret. Our cutters have a sharp shape that slices perfectly.

Islamic Shape Baked Cookie
Islamic Shape Cookie
Cookie Cutter in Islamic Shape
Cookie Cutter in Islamic Shape

Islamic Wall Art and Quranic Verses:

la ilaha illallah muhammadur rasulullah in arabic wall art in black color
Wall Art - لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله
Decorate your home with fine Islamic arts and Quranic Surah  (Qur'anic Verses). It will be grateful with Islamic way. Some Surah arts are design with Golden and silver color shape. This Islamic art is a handmade product with Islamic trends.

quran quotes wall art for your drawing room
Quran Quotes Wall Art
islamic wall art for your home decoration
Islamic Wall Art

Eid Countdown For kids :

Every kid just wants to countdown sawm (fasting) by fingers and waiting for Eid. But Eid countdown is an awesome architectural design by woods that make your kids happy in the whole month. Just give them once for smiling, they really enjoy this.

Days Countdown Counter for Eid
Eid Days Countdown

Quran bookmark:

Quran Bookmark with Qurani Ayat and Quran Quotes
Quran Bookmark with Qurani Ayat

Reading Qur’an is the part of the holy month of Ramadan. Every Muslim reads Qur’an periodically in the whole month of Ramadan. For Bookmark your daily Quran reading by a Qur’an bookmarker. It’s fashionable and Islamic printing with the design. It helps your Ramadan Awesome. It’s a printing works and some are Handmade items. Materials:
  • Paper
  • Glass Tile
  • Silver Plated Etc.

Long Cloth Quran Bookmark
Quran Bookmark

Tasbih Tasbeeh :

A remembrance of Allah سبحان و تعالى (Zikr) through a Tasbih or Tasbeeh. Tasbeeh is one of the best Gift in this Ramadan for rewarding from Allah سبحان و تعالى. We are introducing some design-able tasbih for your Zikr. Tasbih is made by some  materials like 6mm glass pearls, aqua gemstone drop, cotton tassel, and crystal beads.

Tasbih for dhikir

For Eid Gifts:

Hijab Pin:

Hijab Pins are important for wearing hijab perfectly. It helps you move anywhere without tensed. We have some smartest Hijab Pins for your choice.

beautiful antique hijab pins for women
Woman's Antique Hijab Pin

Islamic Marriage Mug:

Habibi & Habibti - Islamic Marriage Couple Mug
Islamic Marriage Couple Mug


A Mug is designed with lovely Islamic architecture. Some Mug is totally Romantic for Bride and groom in Islamic architectural design. Your Gift makes him/her a smiling. The Mug is made by ceramic and also handmade products.

Islamic Mr & Mrs Mug
Islamic Mr & Mrs Mug

Notebook For a Muslim:

A handmade smart notebook for every Muslim / Muslimah. A great gifts for a better writing. It is an Islamic printing and design . This notebook is helped every Muslim in this Ramadan for note every good and bad deeds.

notebook with islamic quotes - alhumdulilah
Alhamdulillah Notebook

Laptop Carrying Bag :

An Islamic designed  laptop carrying bag is a very important Gift for some person. This Laptop Carrying Bag is fit for any Laptop ,Notebook,MacBook and Ultrabook with different sizes. This Laptop carrying bag is ensured quality and durability to protect your valuable Laptop. Inside Padding provides protection from any harmful accident. Have a two-way zipper design and thermal technology .

Selected Dua Journal / Book:

We have some selected Dua book or journal that helps everyone can learn not only the Quranic Dua but also from the authentic hadith.
Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said,
"No Muslim ever prays to his Lord with these words for anything, but He will answer his prayer''

Notebook for isalmic dua

Some  topics that cover in this type of book:
  • Spiritual power and Quranic virtues according to Quran
  • Special Surah's and verses .
  • Collected Dua's from the Quran.
  • Selected Dua's based on commentary and Tafsir.
  • Significance and  reasons for the revelation of selected.

T-Shirt For Muslim:

Islamic ideological t-shirt makes you smart and represents your religion to others. This t-shirt is 100% cotton and  flexible. Different color, sizes, and Islamic design are available.

Black T-shirt with Islamic Quotes
T-shirt with Islamic Quotes

Ramadan / EID decoration:

If you wish to decorate your house in this Ramadan and EID then you can choose from many design. Some are LED light, Balloons and Paper works. Some products are the handmade item.It makes your kids happy.

Star and Moon Light for Eid Decoration
Star and Moon Light for Eid Decoration

Islamic Jewellery: 


Fashionable Jewelry with Islamic tradition are available here. Necklace, Bracelet, and Ring are made by Stainless Steel, Gold Plated, Gold Plated Steel and pure Gold. You can choose your products by different metals and prices.

Finger Ring with Quran Ayat
Finger Ring with Quran Ayat

Key Ring:

The smart key ring is available for a smart choice. A simple and economic gifts for your dear one. A key ring is effective products in our daily life.

Keyring with islamc picture
Islamic Picture Key Ring


  1. Wow!!! All the Eid gift ideas are unique I love especially Coffee Mug having picture of Mrs. and Mr. Nice creativity. Is there any discount offers on this items?

    1. Jazak Allah Khair for your query.
      Sorry, the discount offer is expired. Try next time.

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  3. Such an amazing article. Buying gift items in Ramadan is definitely not an easy task to carry out. Loved how you have eased my problem in this regard. Ramadan Kareem.


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