5 Latest Wonder of Science You Can Learn Which Nobody Told

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Since the earliest days of our existence, our sole aim has been to conquer nature and solve the mysteries of earth and heavens. To make this earth a world of possibilities by finding a logical explanation for every phenomenon, and harness these potential for our own sustenance. To free ourselves from the tedium of labor, for our own boon, benefits, and luxuries. And we have succeeded in doing that beyond belief, beyond words could tell, beyond anything imagination could behold.

As children, our grandparents would read us fascinating stories of magic and mystery, stories where Aladdin and his flying carpet would fly over land and sea; where the genie of the bottle would follow the commands of its master in the blink of an eye; where magical potions could cure any illness; and where spirits could work all sorts of wonders.

Today science can do things more miraculous and more magical than were ever possible by the spirits of the magical world. Today man doesn’t need a flying carpet but his mastery of science to carry him over land and sea, and beyond; today you don’t need to make friends with a bird to talk to your loved ones but you can do so in much more economical and easier manner, and in a quicker time, so much that the world today seems like a single cooperative group. Science today, has chased away diseases to extinction, it has given eyes to the blind and ears to the deaf.

Let’s take a tour into the fascinating world of science and take a glimpse at what things amazing and astounding man has now advanced to.

Flying Car

The concept of a flying car has always been around and many prototypes have also been made. The latest version, known as AeroMobil 3.0 has been released. This futuristic vehicle, made out of highly durable material is designed to transform from a car into an airplane within seconds and thus can be driven on the road as well as flown through the air.  The vehicle is initially targeted to help paramedics and law enforcements to respond to emergencies in hard to reach areas. This remarkable vehicle will be commercialized in the year 2017.

Age Reversing Hormone

A recent clinical trial has shown that the use of a synthetic hormone, namely danazol, is able to reverse the natural effects of aging. The hormone is able to do so by stopping the degeneration of telomeres, located at the ends of the DNA and thereby keeping the cells young.

As part of the natural aging process, every time a cell divides, the telomere shortens until it is fully used and thus the cell dies. This hormone has been shown to produce an enzyme, telomerase, that helps repair telomeres and thereby reverse the aging effects. This hormone is currently aimed to treat aplastic anemia which is caused by the aging of bone marrow cells, and other such diseases. This discovery can help people to live healthier if not longer.

Wonder Material – Graphene

Isolated in 2004, Graphene is the world's first 2D material which also won its discoverers the Nobel Prize for their pioneering work in the field of physics. Since its discovery, Graphene has become the focus of scientists, researchers, and industries throughout the world and for all the right reasons. Graphene is known to be about 200 times stronger than steel yet ultra-light in weight.

It is the thinnest material possible being about 1 million times thinner than a human hair and is transparent as well. It is also a superb conductor of electricity. Some of the many applications of Graphene include electricity free water purification, micro circuitry and sensors, composites and coatings, and in biomedical sciences such as its potential in drug delivery, and much more.

Homes That Can Grow and Repair Themselves

By combining modern technologies such as 3D bioprinting of living tissues and self-repairing concrete, made from biological structural materials, sourced from fungal mycelium, bacteria, and sand, the Engineering Living Materials (ELM) program has come up with a with a vision to create building materials that grow on-site. These materials would be used to construct buildings that grow and repair themselves while adapting to the environment.

Homes That Can Grow and Repair Themselves
Home's That Heal Itself

Wireless Health Inspection

A wearable electronic device has been introduced that wirelessly records health data such as heart rate, blood oxygen level, body temperature, and radiation exposure. The device works by creating and establishing an interface with the body. Instead of batteries, this skin patch is powered by near-field communication (NFC) transmissions from smartphones, tablets, computers, and other such electronics, making it User-friendly. The lack of batteries also makes this device comparable thinner to other such health inspection gadgets.

The wondrous world of possibilities that our earth has turned into has made life far more luxurious than was ever possible, all thanks to science. If our grandparents could rise from their graves and see the marvels of our time, they’d be widely astonished and amazed and would probably agree that there was no life in the past that was so worth living.

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Author: Syeda Sumayya Tariq

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