Sunnah on Eid ul-Fitr Day

Eid is a religious festival for all Muslims. There are some thing to do on Eid day.
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Infographic of Sunnah on Eid ul-Fitr Day
      1. Get up early   
Get up early from bad is not for only on Eid day also every day. To get up early in the morning is the lots of benefits for human being.
      2. Take a bat 
Sunnah of Bath
  • Wash both hands up 
  • Wash wrists. 
  • Wash the private parts.
  • Perform Wudhu 
  • Wash up mouth and nostrils are thoroughly rinsed thrice. 
  • Now pour water over entire body and rub.

      3. Dressed best cloths
Try to dress up new cloth. If you not have new cloth then try to dress your old one but washed it cleanly.

      4. Use attar (perfume) 
Attar is a specific type of fragrance product. Use attar is a sunnah.

      5. Take a breakfast
Take a break fast before going to prayer ground. Eat an odd number of dates.

      6. Pay Zakat-al-fitr
Every adult self-supporting Muslim must pay before the end of the month of Ramadan. He must pay for himself and He can also pay on behalf of his dependents if he unable to pay.

      7. Offer Salat at prayer ground
Offer Eid salat at prayer grond is Sunnah. Hazrat Muhammad (ﷺ) use to offer salat at ground.

      8. Listen khutba
Listen Khutba which is after the Eid Salah.

      9. Use two different way
Use two different paths to go prayer ground and return back from ground.

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Sunnah on Eid ul-Fitr Day [Slide Show]

Sunnah on Eid ul-Fitr Day [Video]

Download This article as PDF: Suannh of Eid Day


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