Todo List in Ramadan to Make "Strong" Fasting

Ramadan(رمضان‎‎): It is the 9th month of Arabic Calendar. It is the holiest month for Muslim. Ramadan is also month for fasting. Ramadan lasts 29 or 30 days. Its all depend on the moon. During Ramadan fasting is observed from dawn to sunset. There are many thing to-do on the month of Ramadan:
  1. Fast for Allah 
  2. Offer obligatory Prayer 
  3. Do Miswak 
  4. Recite Quran more & more 
  5. Do Dhikr 
  6. Give Charity / Be Charitable
  7. Offer Salat Al Taraweeh
  8. Make Dua
  9. Ask Forgiveness
  10. Prepare for Eid
Ramadan Todo List Infographic

Todo List for the month of Ramadan | رمضان‎‎ [Slide]

Todo List for the Month of Ramadan | رمضان‎‎‎‎ [Video]

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