Dos in Ramadan

In Ramadan multiply our deeds by 70. So we should do as many deeds as possible and try not waste a single minute this month (ameen). Use this time to reflect, and find out faults and strengths regarding Islam.

Ramadan Kareem

Following most of them do not only in Ramada but also need to do all time.

Salat (Prayer): Pray 5 times a day understanding its importance.

Eye Side: A Muslim should lower his/her gaze at all times.

Listen: Listen recitation of Quran, Khutba (Islamic lecture)

Tell: Increase the recitation of the Glorious Qur'an. Tell people about Islam.

Astaghfar (Seeking Forgiveness): Repent for all sins and be constant in seeking Allah's forgivenes (pardon). This is the time to firstly realize our sins and cry for forgiveness. Allah becomes extra forgiving this month.

Laylatul Qadr: Search for the Night of Qadr in the odd nights of the last ten days of Ramadaan. Get more from laylatul qadr.

Dhikr: Increase Dhikr. Whenever you are not talking do Dhikr.

Sadaqah Fitr & Zakat (Charity): increase acts of charity and discharge sadaqatul fitr and zakat. Remaber in Ramazan that gets further multiplied by 70.

Dissolve Grudges: If your holding a grudge against anyone this is the best time to patch things up or at least try (it doesn't matter if it’s not your fault).

Iftar: Distribute iftari to others. So give whatever you can even if it is just a date.

When we know our deeds are being multiplied by 70 try doing as many as can:
-Incrise nafil ibaadah, especially in the last ten nights.
-Follow sunnah
-Go to the poor and talk to them, ask their problems and help them out in any way that can.

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