Don'ts in Ramadan

In Ramadan multiply our deeds by 70. So we should do as many deeds as possible and try not waste a single minute this month (ameen). Use this time to reflect, and find out faults and strengths regarding Islam.

Following most of them don’t avoid only in Ramada but also rest of the time.

Missing Prayers: Salah (prayers) are the second pillar of Islam. It comes before Saum (fasting).

Eye Side: Looking at a na-mehram (any person with whom marriage is allowed in Islam) is not allowed.

Listen: Don’t listen those things which are haram (prohibited) such as music.

Tell: Don't speak without purpose. Backbiting is considered more sinful. Avoid telling lies or gossiping. Don't argue.

So if you think that talking on the phone or meeting friends might result in backbiting then avoid it.

Abusive language: When you abuse someone it doesn't harm him, it just adds to your sins.
Don'ts in Ramadan

The Hand: Don't get into fights, stay away and if you get into one and lose your temper, practice patience (sabr) and walk away.

Don't Waste Time: Try and cash every moment by doing Dhikr.

Attitude: Don't be vulgar, rude or swear. Don't be irritable. Don't be boastful or arrogant.

Todo List in Ramadan to Make "Strong" Fasting

Fried and fatty foods.
Foods containing too much sugar.
Over-eating especially at sehri.
Taking too much tea, coffee, soft drink, especially at sehri.

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