Why did I choose Islam? [New Muslim]

Why did I choose Islam? [New Muslim]
Assalamualikum to everyone. Hope all my dear sisters and brothers are doing fine, inshaAllah.

I would like to share some of my thoughts over here about “Why I chose Islam as my religion”.

There are many religions on this Earth and before I convert to Islam, I had the dilemma between Christianity and Islam. I read Bible (someone forced me to read it lol) and when I read the Bible, MashaAllah everything mentioned in it is similar to what I read in the book of 25 Rasools when I was 10 years old. Many of my friends told me that Christianity was the religion from Allah and it is very similar to Islam yet the Muslims can’t follow Christianity due to the DRASTIC modification in the Bible. No matter how many people convince me and do “da’wah” to me about Christianity, I just can’t accept any of their words. Islam has been so deeply in my heart and in my mind.

Finally when someone did da’wah to me on Skype, why did I choose Islam?
The answer is very simple.

As a non-Muslim, I do not love this world. I know very well that when I die I am not going to take anything with me to the graveyard-not the fame, not the wealth, not my family, nothing …..

I keep on asking myself, and then what is the purpose of me being created? Is God just having fun creating me? Why sometimes I am happy and have good life and some other time I am very sad and have a lot of hardship in life. What is the reason for all these?

Islam answered my questions well. And Islam really makes sense to me.

-Believe in one Creator
-Nothing can be compared to Him
-He is a supernatural power
-He has messengers to convey His message

I just need to know these things to convert.

Why did I choose Islam? [New Muslim]
If you ask me whether I love Allah before or after I convert.
My answer is NO

I do know that Allah s.w.t is the only Creator of the world and no one is comparable to Him, yet I can’t feel Him or love Him yet.

Love takes time to grow. The love comes when I witness the miracles happened in my life. After couple of months later, the more knowledge of Islam I have, the more I learn to love Allah s.w.t

When I love Allah s.w.t , automatically I obey Him without any force and am very happy and delighted to worship Him according to Quran and Sunnah.

Allah s.w.t has mentioned in Quran, those obey Him and follow the sunnah will have happy eternal life in hereafter. That is what am seeking for insyaAllah. And now I know why I was created.

I was created to take “study” and take the test on the Day of Judgment. If I pass my test inshaAllah I will enter Jannah and if I fail I will have to company syaitan in hell fire.

There is no other reason why we must obey Allah. It is all to avoid the hellfire.

The reason Allah created us is only for one reason

After being a Muslim, I respect myself more and even others respect me more. They respect me because of my religion and the way I live which is The Islam Way of Life.

This below message is for those who are hesitate to convert to Islam for some reason

Well, Islam is not a ritual or a culture but a way of life and how you are suppose to live your life according to the Creator’s rule.

Your mother will guide you and always tell u about the Do’s and Don’ts because she is your mother who gave birth to you.

Same goes to Allah as the only Creator has mentioned about the Do’s and Don’ts in Quran .

You can love the woman who gave birth to you,but why can’t you love The Creator who created you?

Ashadu an la ilaha illa'llah.
wa Ashadu anna Muhammadan Rasululu'llah.

I bear witness that there is no God to be worshiped but Allah,
and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger


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